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Nic Rago


I'm Nic Rago.

I'm from the Bay Area, California. I'm currently getting my masters in creative writing at Dartmouth. 

Below is the stuff I do, check it out.


Check out Udder Times.


I'm the editor-in-chief of this digital magazine. It's focused on showcasing people's interests, purposes, and their silly fascinations which give life meaning! 



I have two short stories published, What the Old Say and Mill Town. They explore life, heritage, loss, and meaning. They're both magical realism, a genre I've been writing for a few years.

Sediment, a novel I've been writing, follows a pair of characters across the continental US as they drift temporally through the bleakest and brightest moments of US history -- a mix between historical fiction and magical realism. My newest draft is being written in tandem with my studies at Dartmouth. Below is the map of their route.



I play a lot of D&D. Right now, I'm running a homebrewed city building campaign. Currently, this is the party's settlement.

This campaign is set in an equally homebrewed world. 

BASE 12.14.23.png
Age of Federation 1920 A.E..jpg

For D&D 5e, I've also designed combat mechanics for large scale battles (with armies and such). These, I'll say, need more playtesting and tuning.

Catch ya around, partner

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